Compilation of annotated bibliography for German-Tamil Studies during 1706 ? 2006. A digital archives project

This Post-doctoral research project will cover a large area of three centuries from 1706 to 2006 i.e. from the year the first German Lutheran Missionary Ziegenbalg arrived in Tamilnadu till the tercentenary commemorative year of 2006. That is, from the times of Ziegenbalg in 1706 till the present times of German Tamil scholars like Arno Lehmann, Thomas Lehmann, Kapp, Ulrike Niklas, Thomas Malten etc. A special type of methodology is to be devised with certain defining parameters. This is about nearly 150 Germans, who came to Tamil Nadu, learnt Tamil language and interacted considerably with the native Tamil people, during the last 300 years.

Their religious activities are to be left out and only their academic, socio-economic, cultural, medical and other allied non-religious activities, interactions and contributions can be brought out with the data from this project. Bibliographical data of diaries, palmleaves, station registers, travel accounts, books, journals, souvenirs, commemorative volumes, pamphlets, etc. are to be gleaned and consulted in which information about these Germans and their activities in Tamil Nadu can be found. The entire project is to be divided into three sections. The first section will consist of only the annotated bibliographical entries for the 18th, 19th and the 20th century German-Tamil scholars.

The second section will consist of detailed biographical data about these German Tamil scholars in the chronological order and the third section will consist of subject wise list of these Germans, with their contributions, interactions and involvements - i.e. such of those Germans who specialized in Tamil language and literature will be classified under ?Language and literature? group, those who specialized in Tamil Siddha medicine, will come under ?Tropical Herbology?, Germans who specialized in the indigenous flora and fauna will be classified under ?Tropical flora and fauna,? Germans who specialized in the indigenous society, will be classified under ?Public Relations? and so on.

The entire project, after successful completion, will be put into an exclusive web portal, thus enabling any concerned research scholar, from anywhere in the world, to know about the bibliographical, biographical and technical data of any German Tamil scholar of the last 300 years just at one sitting, without having to visit inland and overseas repositories just at one click of the mouse. This will save much time and money especially for researchers from developing and under-developed countries and also help immensely visually impaired research scholars.