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German Indology, in the modern sense of the term, is a composite research spectrum encompassing in it, the total estimation of and contributions to the many-faceted lifestyles of the Indians, their languages, literature and cultures. In the strictest sense of the term, Indology refers only to Sanskrit philology. German Tamilology is a branch of it. That is, the estimation of the contributions to various branches of Tamil Studies by Germans, in a liberal sense, is German Tamilology. This research field has a vast scope of multi disciplinary research avenues.


Research - Compilation of Annotated Bibliography

This project will cover a large area of three centuries from 1706 to 2006. From the year the first lutheran missionary Ziegenbalg arrived in Tamilnadu till the tercentenary commemorative year. This project is about select Germans who came to Tamilnadu, learnt the Tamil language and interacted considerably with the indigenous Tamil people during the last 300 years. For this research, data from diaries, palm leaves, station registers, travel accounts books, journals and several source materials will be consulted.